What better gift for a wine lover than a bottle from the year of their birth or their wedding anniversary? Stop by our Manhattan Beach store and check out our temperature-controlled case for vintage wines of known provenance that may be the perfect gift to celebrate an important milestone in the life of a wine-loving friend. If you can't find what you're looking for, call our Manhattan Beach store (310-372-2021) or click here to send us a request- we have many more vintage wines stored in our climate-controlled locker off-sight. 


A sampling of our inventory: 
(discounts do not apply)
10 Year Old- White
Puligny Les Referts
Corton Charlemagne
10 Year Old- Red
Beaune Theurons (Jadot)
Chambolle Musigny
Clos St. Denis
15 Year Old- Champagne
Veuve Clicquot Grand Dame
20 Year Old- White
Meursault Les Clous
Puligny Les Folatieres
Corton Charlemagne
20 Year Old- Red
Volnay Champans 1st Cru
Chambolle Musigny
21 Year Old- White
Corton Charlemagne
Puligny Folatieres
21 Year Old- Red
Nuits Les Pruliers
Volnay Pitures

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