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Villa Vitas 2020 Ribolla Gialla, Friuli, Italy

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Size: 750.00ml
Villa Vitas Winery is located in the enchanting village of Strassoldo, between the beautiful cities of Aquileia and Palmanova. The vineyards are located on a plain with clay soils rich in minerals. The nearby sea and the surrounding mountains create a microclimate that is perfect for the growth and cultivation of wines with elegant flavors, aromas, and structure. Four generations have been running the winery, and they work hard to create wines that represent their values, historic land, and heritage. Aromas are fresh and floral with a crisp, mouth watering acidity with notes of green apple and citrus. Food Pairing: Seafood and fish dishes, crisp green salads, summer evenings

Varietal: Ribolla Gialla

Vintage: 2020

Wine Type: White