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Vartsikhe Marani 2019 Tsolikouri Dry 'Qvevri', Imeretia, Georgi

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Size: 750.00ml
Vartsikhe Marani produces natural quality wines that are made using traditional technology in Qvevri. The production of these first-class wines is made possible by the unique geographical location of their own vineyards in Imereti. Wine is produced in small quantities with hearty passion, conviction, love and responsibility. Wine of Tsolikouri grape species is made in the pitcher by traditional technology. Yield harvested in village Dimi, region of Bagdati. It is a light straw-coloured, the flavor is rich with spring fruit tones. It is distinguished by a long and pleasant taste.

Varietal: Tsolikouri

Vintage: 2019

Wine Type: White