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Subject To Change 2020 ‘Tasty Waves’ Piquette Pét Nat, Mendocino County

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Size: 750.00ml
Organic Tasty Waves Piquette by Subject to Change is a small production fizz bomb made by rehydrating the grape pomace (the remaining skins and stems) after it’s pressed to re-extract sugar and flavor. Using 15 different grapes, each fermentation was pressed off and then blended all into one stainless tank. Adding back unfermented Merlot rosé under the crown cap restarted the fermentation process in the bottle. The result is a refreshing, light-bodied, low alcohol spritz. NOTE FROM WINEMAKERS: This wine is ALIVE, and active. Please make sure the bottle is very cold, and open very, very carefully over a sink at a 45° angle - have a glass ready as it’s very active when opened

Varietal: Blend

Vintage: 2020

Wine Type: Sparkling