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Sandro de Bruno 2015 Lessini Durello 60, Soave, Italy

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Size: 750.00ml
Organic 100% Durella Winery Sandro de Bruno bring to life this alternative grape, known as Durella. With a thick skin (meaning lots of polyphenols), durella works well with long on-the-lees aging, like in the version aged for 60 months. As well, the volcanic soil of the Sandro de Bruno vineyards aid in giving the wine a noticeable complexity and sapidity. Made in the labor intensive classic Champagne style, this vintage sparkling wine is a riserva and a deep golden color. The bubbles are fine and persistent, giving a lively brilliance to every glass. The bouquet exudes exotic fruits with a touch of caramel and a marked minerality of flint, thanks again to the volcanic soil. On the palate, it is creamy and complex, it is persistent and evolving with every sip.

Varietal: Durella

Vintage: 2015

Wine Type: Sparkling