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Lini 910 'Labrusca' Lambrusco Rosso, Emilia Romagna, Italy

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Size: 750.00ml
Labrusca is the ancient Roman name for the family of Lambrusco grape varieties, believed by many to be among the earliest grapes used to produce wine... To create this style of wine, a still Lambrusco is produced and then racked to pressurized, temperature-controlled tanks where the second fermentation is provoked. The wines are then aged on their lees until the desired complexity and nuance is achieved... Renown for it’s signature freshness and classic dry character, the bright red fruit and berry flavors are balanced by juicy minerality. A clean but lingering finish makes this an ideal pairing for a wide variety of cuisines... but we love this with a plate of prosciutto and aged parmesan.

Varietal: Lambrusco Blend

Vintage: 0

Wine Type: Red