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Case Corini 2016 'Achille' Metodo Corino, Piedmont, Italy

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Size: 750.00ml
Lorenzo Corino is a respected (to some a living legend!) agronomist and creator of “Metodo Corino,” which is a patented method for natural and regenerative farming and wine-making. It involves alot of ‘back to basic’ essentials, like taking good care of your soil and avoiding anything that counters the natural process of obtaining and maturing wines. The net result is a wine that is good for you and for the environment. A really delicious, all natural, old vine nebbiolo and barbera red blend with no added sulfites and yeast. Just the right amount of acidity, tannins and richness. Ready to drink but also age worthy. The name Achille is the name of the former vineyard owner. Learn more at

Varietal: Rare Red Blend

Vintage: 2016

Wine Type: Red